Projects: Tjeldbergodden industrial energy recovery

The Tjeldbergodden plant was built to recovers energy from the cooling return pipe from the Statoil-operated methanol plant at Tjeldbergodden, which is Europe's, largest methanol plant, producing 900 000 tons methanol annually from natural gas piped in from offshore oil reservoirs.

14 000 m3 cooling water per hour at around 18°C is piped out to Tjeldbergodden Utvikling AS, where its prioritized use is for various types of biologic production (presently fish and lobster farming). However, only a fraction of the available water was thus exploited.

The installation was part financed by an investment grant provided by ENOVA, through their program for supporting new renewable energy technology.

The Tjeldbergodden small hydropower plant is a good example of how CleanPower's Turbinator technology produces electricity from an existing but untapped energy source, providing new renewable energy without environmental impact. 

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