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 Projects: Hegset dam 

The pilot installation built in 2010 at the Statkraft-owned Hegset dam in the Nea river basin in Norway was a great opportunity to demonstrate and full-scale test the Turbinator technology. In close collaboration with Statkraft, CleanPower here demonstrated renewable energy production from an existing eco-flow release.


Customer and partner in the project was dam owner Statkraft Energi AS.


The pilot installation project received funding from Innovation Norway.


The main parameters of the installation are:

  • Net head   24 - 28 m (78 to 92 ft)

  • Water flow   1,2 m3/s (42.4 cfs)

  • Installed power   280 kW

In 2015, Statkraft built a permanent enclosure for protection during the winters.

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