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 Solutions: Eco-flow turbine 

Dams must regularly release Ecological flow (Eco-flow) to preserve downstream riverbed flora and fauna. Implementation of the European Union Water Framework Directive will require increased eco flows, giving an overall 3 - 5% loss of European hydropower production. Norwegian hydropower losses are estimated to 2.3 - 3.6 TWh/year, according to a report issued by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Facing such significant losses, dam owners seek good solutions for turbining the eco flows, while always securing correct delivery of water to the river.


The CleanPower Eco-flow solution

CleanPower has developed a solution addressing this market need:

  • Automated active control of water release, compensating for pressure variations (reservoir level, debris on intake screen etc)

  • Goes to 'safe mode' at power outage, to ensure eco flow requirements are respected

  • Prepared for integration with customer's SCADA

  • Based on the CleanPower Turbinator

First implementation was at Gåseflå dam for Agder Energi.

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