Eco-flow turbine
Eco-flow turbine
Canals, conduits, irrigation
Canals, conduits and irrigation systems
Industrial energy recovery
Industrial energy recovery
Fish hatchery and -farming
Fish hatchery and -farming
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The Turbinator® is a semi regulated axial flow kaplan turbine with an integrated direct drive synchronous permanent magnetized generator. 


An adjustable guide vane is used for phase-in to grid and maximizing efficiency during operation.

CleanPower AS will select the right size model for your site, and configure it to ensure good efficiency without cavitation.

The Turbinator is sealed towards the environment, and can sometimes be installed without power house, minimizing civil works costs.

Only one rotating part. Low maintenance costs.

Short delivery lead time.

In-line flange/flange installation is rapid and easy.

The trade name Turbinator® is a registered trade mark.

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Hegset dam
Hegset dam eco-flow plant
Gåseflå dam
Gåseflå dam eco-flow plant
Raviège dam
Raviège dam eco-flow plant
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We have chosen the innovative solution from CleanPower because it reduces the footprint of the installation by a factor of two or three compared to a conventional solution, simplifying the installation on the downstream side of the dam. The installation will give a production of around 2000MWh covering the annual consumption of a village with 1000 inhabitants.

Yann Marcilloux

Project Manager, EDF – DPIH

The Gåsefå eco-flow plant shows what innovation is all about: taking the challenge and finding new solutions. This project can open doors for similar solutions in other hydropower installations.

Hydropower is a fatntastic resource for Norway, but there is still potential for innovation and rethinking. On the way towards the low-emission society, good access to renewable energy will be even more important, and we then need to ensure the efficient use of available resources.

Ingrid Slungaard Myklebust

Senior advisor, ENOVA

Our technology facilitates the important balance between value creation and environment protection, where one of the objectives must be optimal resource exploitation.

Egil Opsahl

CEO, CleanPower AS

Based on the findings about the Turbinator’s conceptual design and preliminary performance results from the pilot Turbinator installation at Hegset Dam, and the ease of manufacture and installation of the Turbinator at the Tjeldbergodden site; it was concluded that the technology is appropriate and ready for deployment.

Boualem Hadjerioua

Sr. Research Engineer & Team Lead, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knoxville TN

Our vision as a European leader in renewable energy, is that Statkraft will meet the world demand for cleaner energy. We will achieve this by being innovative and being an industry developer in Norway. We shall think in new ways, develop opportunities and create solutions. Our participation in the Hegset dam Turbinator project is fully consistent with these objectives. The idea of producing more clean energy by exploiting the environmental flow outlets from our dams is something we consider as innovative.

Svein Ove Slinde

Regional Director, Statkraft Energi AS

We have released eco-flow from Hegset Dam each summer for almost 50 years, and have had ideas about exploiting it. But it was not until the collaboration with CleanPower we found a financially feasible solution.

Per Morten Aunemo

Hydropower plant manager, Statkraft Energi AS

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